“Ollie is honestly a fantastic person and teacher. He has a warm, empathetic style, coupled with a much-needed dose of humour and light-heartedness. I can personally say that he has provided some invaluable guidance and support through some very difficult times, and has always shown up with curiosity and willingness to engage. Cannot recommend highly enough!“


“Ollie is a beautiful human. He is sensitive, caring and intelligent. He has supported me immensely, and time and time again when we meet, I’m grateful for his beautiful open and accepting presence. If you wish to work with Ollie, you have my word of his genuineness.”


“Ollie is amazingly insightful… His manner is humorous and open. He can gently guide understanding when I get the wrong end of the stick or need clarification, and his warm, gentle presence is a real testament to the values and methods he teaches.”

Ellen - testimonial from my meditation teaching

“In 30 minutes, Ollie helped me gain more insight into my meditation practice than I would’ve achieved in months on my own. His caring, inquisitive, open-ended questions have already led to fundamental shifts in my approach to meditation and my understanding of my own emotional landscape. I can’t recommend him highly enough.“

Jeremy - testimonial from my meditation teaching